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Join Sommelier and Winemaker Thomas Perez, as he opens new doors in the world of wine. As of the few sommeliers in the world that is also is an oenologist and viticulturist, Perez has a deep understanding ranging from terroir, varietals, growth, production, pouring and stemware.

Plane & Level presents an interactive and engaging experience for all wine enthusiasts. Each wine class highlights a different region and varietal. During class, participants will learn to select proper stemware, open bottles, pour, smell and taste. Through this discovery, guests will celebrate the beautiful nuances of wine, expand their knowledge and explore their palates.

Paired hors d’oeuvres are provided throughout class for your enjoyment. 

Paella & Rose

11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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Wine Class Details

Check back for upcoming wine classes.

Cost per person: Varies by class

Maximum capacity per each class: 40 guests

Location: 203 Midway Street, Spring, 77374

Questions: Contact Thomas Perez, thomas@planeandlevel.com

Monterey County Weekly magazine boasts of Perez’s talents and humility by saying, “they simply do not make many wine whisperers like Thomas Perez. With Perez there’s no ego, only an oenology degree and profound understanding of the connection between how the wine is made and how it acts in the glass.” It is this deep understanding of wine that has him named one of the three top wine experts in the nation by Men’s Health Magazine in 2010.

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