Wine Club

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Wine is our Life

Plane & Level offers a truly unique wine club. Culinary Director, Sommelier and Winemaker Thomas Perez works with each member to understand their palate and curate a monthly suite of wine just for them.

Wine Club Investment Options:
- 6 bottle per month
- 12 bottles per month

Your wines are delivered directly to your front step each month and includes recommendations on how to store each bottle. Members have the option to select their own wines each month from our private collection or to allow our Sommelier to select and package their wines for them based off their personal preferences.

We highly encourage members to visit Plane & Level, attend one of our wine classes or reserve a private tasting with our sommelier so they can personally learn your palate and curate the best selection of wines each month. 

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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy a year’s investment of 12 bottles per month and receive a custom 27-bottle Plane & Level wine refrigerator.

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